Wreth and the Breaking

The Story So Far

And as the players entire epic tier, we begin to compile information here.

The Story So Far


The players are currently in Jehira, capital of the Empire of Siglan. The Empress has just died and been reborn as a goddess, and full-scale war is about to break out against the northern Republic of Marsellen. Through this, the heroes have discovered the existance of seven gems which bind the elder god Tharizdun to his eternal prison. Four have been destroyed – A massive red ruby crowning the Imperial Scepter of Siglan, a shifting amethyst in a ring once worn by the Raven Queen, a glistening emerald embedded in a bow possessed by the Summer Court of the Eladrin, and a radiant sapphire crowning the black king piece in a chess set, presumably possessed by the ruling Ennea of Marsellen. Four mysterious beings seem to lead the effort to shatter the final three gems; an impatient elf with a longbow and chains snaking out from his forearms, two mysterious humanoids named C and V (one short and talkative, one tall and silent), and their leader, presumably a demigod, in black spiked armor and a blood-red cloak.

However, these four are far from the only antagonists that our brave heroes have met. They’ve thwarted the corrupting magical experiments of a Marselleni noble, slain a Shadar’Kai warlord trying to bring ruin to the Shadowfell, and killed the leaders of a massive rebellion that threatened to fully overthrow the leadership of Siglan.

In depth summary coming soon.

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