Hinjo Naevaris

The Lord Aeinore, presumed heir to Aeirindil and prolaimed King in the North. A Paladin of Bahamut.


Hinjo (Haeinjyoh) Naevaris was born in the year 1634 (on the standard Arkhrosian calendar) to Gaelen and Alaenna Naevaris, Lord and Lady of Starcrest. In 1640, the better part of the Aeirindilian nobility was slain in the Betrayal at Baticul, and Marsellen burned their way through the Freorhsudian and conquered Aeirindil. Lord Gaelen was lost in the fighting, but Alaenna and Hinjo escaped across the sea to Bac’tsion, where they lived until the war reached them again in 1650. As they escaped once again by boat, Alaenna was slain by bow fire. The small group of refugee boats the Hinjo was on was later almost totally obliterated when Marsellen pursuers accidentally summoned up an uncontrollable leviathan from the depths of the north seas. Hinjo wound up on a small skiff, and taught himself how to sail. Eventually, he reached the north coast of Siglan, from which he was taken to Jehira to continue his training as a paladin.

Hinjo spent seven years in Jehira before leaving for Heliophon in the Zazir republic, where he continued his training. Once ordained as a full Paladin of Bahamut, he travelled into the southlands in search of Warmaster Teirin Aemiyn, a famous Aeirindilian refugee. But Hinjo was too late, for Lord Aemiyn had been assassinated by Marsellen operatives. Lacking immidiate purpose, Hinjo fell in with a group of adventurers, and went on to do many heroic deeds in the Southlands and Zazir.

While sailing to Siglan, one member of the party revealed his true alligiences as an agent of Tharizdun, and sunk the group’s ship before leaving. The group then went their separate ways. Upon reaching Siglan, Hinjo continued via portal to the city of Dalatore in what was once Aeirindil, where the resistance group known as the Wrath of the Righteous declared him their leader by right of blood and battle. Moreover, after consultation with various nobles – in – exile from across the north, it was decided that Hinjo should, at least for the time being, be nominated King in the North – though this title will not go into effect until he gains a legitimate kingdom.

Recently, Hinjo returned to Jehira and participated in the Grande Tournement in hopes of garnering Siglandian support for the war. During the rebellion, he assumed command over the Loyalist forces.

Hinjo may or may not have feelings for Rei, an angel who has become his closest companion. If he does, he’s not about to admit it. Your mileage may very.

Hinjo Naevaris

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