Nevara does not remember her own birth; her first memories are misty, but place her in Memniore as an orphan with her sister. She lived as a petty thief and con-artist, working tiressly to keep food on the table. It was during this time that her philosophy of survival above all began to form, and she first displayed the ruthless and somewhat amoral behavior that characterizes her today. Her thieving life was distrupted however, when her sister began to complain of strange nightmares. During one of these episodes she was posessed by a myserious force. This dark presence drove Nevara’s sister into a rampages which nearly killed Neavar and greatly frightened her. When the dark presence left Nevara became determined to ri herself of her sister and leave Memniore. using all of her skills Nevara was able to get her sister adopted, and she then snuck away on an astral skimmer heading for the City of Brass.

Nevara became the cabin-girl for the skimmer, but continued her thieving ways while she was in port. It was during this time she attempted to steal from Lyhonneas, a mn of great power. She was caught, but for some reason Lhyonnaes decided to instead take her back to his citadel and make her his pupil.

Nevara was no model student, while intelligent she had little patience for her lessons and absolutely no respect for her teacher. She often played pranks and harassed the other students. Nevara was hungry for arcane power so that she could strike out on her own and become self-sufficient, but Lhyonnaes was unwillingly to risk giving a pupil powerful knowledge without being sure she could handle it. This was the primary disagreement between the two.

Eventually Nevara became fed up with waiting and snuck into Lhyonnaes’s private study. There she found a journal on the lore of the stars and the great power they posessed. Intrigued, Nevara stole the grimiore. In it she found much secret knowledge about the power of space and the terrible beings that hid in the stars. In particular, she found a particular celestial coordinates which corrosponded to no star. She turned her acane power towards that location to scry it. This small act changed her life forever.

Nevara found herself floating in an endless void of unimaginable darkness. Strange black power surrounded her and pulled at soul, attempting to consume it. She heard a voice without words, conveying an offer to her. She could bow before the power that had summoned her to this void, or she could be consumed by it. Nevara chose to bow.

The power Nevara had contacted was Vordricar, a Far Realm being of unimaginable power who had manifested through a black hole in the void of space. Unfortunately, Vordricar’s power was so great it had folded upon itself, making it impossible for Vordricar to manipulate it. The Far Realm god was trapped in his own body, so to speak. When Nevara contacted Vordricar it was able to channel some energy into her, making a pact. Nevara would send Vordricar souls, which Vordricar would use as a tool to reduce his own power so he could act in the world once more. In return Nevara was allowed to live.

Nevara immediately fled Lhyonnaes and took to adventuring throughout the world. She eventually met the party in a small town in the north, and due to their power and interesting personalities has stuck with them ever since.

Recently Nevara journied with the party to Sigland. There, she met the Empress, who claimed that the two were childhood friends. While Nevara remembered no such thing, the two became close once more in the months before the grand tournament. However, when the Empress was taken captive by Barragan and the scepter shattered, she began to die as the chain within her broke apart. In order to save her friend Nevara killed her, absorbing the divine spark of the Empress and her soul while driving out the dark energy of the chain. This act merged Nevara and the Empress, turing them into a new god. Much of Nevara’s personality has, however been split off into the new god’s avatar. Nevara is not yet used to her new power, but she serves the Empress with total devotion.


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